I work in a psychiatric hospital as a Residential Care Specialist working with adolescents and adults in Depression/OCD/Anxiety/Trauma recovery. I am a second-year graduate student in Educational Psychology getting my masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  

I am passionate about helping people having healthier relationships and lives. I write to inspire and educate, and it goes both ways. I love hearing from my readers. I am open-minded and my mantra is from Maya Angelous, “When you know better, you do better.” I try to do better and be better every day.

I live with my handsome 13 pound, 11 year old cat named Peppermint and a betta fish named Prince Charming in Wisconsin. In addition to Tiktok and WordPress, I sing in an 80’s rock cover band.


Enter at your own risk.



Tears in a Bottle

A safe haven for wounded hearts.

Blind Injustice

Injustices we may not be aware of

The Glitterati Affair

Rise and Shine :)

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