I Got Permanently Banned from TikTok

I just found out my TikTok has been “permanently banned due to multiple violations of our community guidelines”. “MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS”???

In the year and a half I have had my Tiktok account, I have never received a single solitary notification or warning. I have never had a video banned. This has come completely out of left field

This morning my account had 12.4K followers and 58.4K likes. This is huge. This took time to build, hours upon hours of creating content, and it was bulldozed in an instant. No real explanation at all.

(I am so angry I just yelled, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! GO FORWARD ALREADY!!” at some stupid truck outside my condo who is going backwards more than forwards. The incessant beeping is making me insane!)

I know my TikTok was often sexually suggestive. So, this is news…??!! They’re called “thirst traps” for a reason. Like I’m fucking alone in doing this. How many shirtless hunks are there on TikTok writhing to music just like me? Why did I get banned and they didn’t? And what about the grey sweatpants trend a few months ago where guys would LITERALLY SWING THEIR DICKS so everyone could see them?? Why was this allowed but I can’t show some cleavage? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???!

Let’s talk about language for a moment. I have never used foul language in any of my videos. I’m educated. Sure I like to say fuck more than the average person but always in person. My Tiktoks were clean. I had my cat in many of them. I was often holding a glass of wine, but that’s still legal since I’m plenty old enough to drink. I have seen many videos of both women and men using the word “cunt”. And yet they have not been banned (that I know of). I have seen both sexes in provocative poses….legs spread wide open, a smirk on the face. I have never posted anything of the sort. I will admit to a come-hither wink that’s become my trademark.

Is it my age…??? Hmmmm…..a woman MY AGE showing her body off like that….disgusting….Am I being punished for being sexy?? A woman my age shouldn’t dress this way?!? And here I thought Tiktok was the one platform that didn’t judge, didn’t discriminate. I was dead wrong.

The question is, WHO HAVE I OFFENDED???? Who is this person or persons who looked at my page and said, “yeah, it’s gotta go”??? I think it’s shitty given that I had a such a huge following to just hit the delete button on me without any warning. Nothing at all. Zip, Zilch, Zero. Nada. Just “poof”.

I mean sure, I can start all over. I have most of the videos saved to my phone and I could repost the “least offensive” ones (if I can figure out which ones those actually are). I don’t know that I will. Maybe it’s served its purpose. The pandemic is (mostly) over, I have plenty other outlets now and frankly, they’ve taken the fun out of it for me.To know that it could all vanish in an instant makes me not want to bother. Having a complete lack of control combined with the misogyny of the platform makes it not sound fun anymore.

Making TikTok videos is something fun I’ve done for ME. It’s been a fun outlet since the quarantine (see my related post “How TikTok Saved My Sanity”). I’ve grown a following, and it’s been a hobby mostly. I never thought I’d even have any followers aside from my best girlfriend let alone twelve-plus thousand.

I sent an email appealing their decision but don’t expect to hear back. I almost don’t even care at this point. 85 % of my 12.4 thousand followers were men. I don’t think they were offended at all. So, who complained about me? A man?? I doubt it. Men liked my videos. So, did a woman, or panel of women, decide my Tiktok’s fate?

You might be thinking, “find another way to express yourself in a way that makes you feel the way Tiktok used to make you feel.” Thank you if you are thinking that. And ironically, I started an OnlyFans yesterday, since I enjoy making provocative (NOT pornograpic) content. So for now, I’ll stick to that.

I get it. Swinging dicks are ok and cleavage isn’t. They can do that. They can do whatever they want. But give a user notice. That’s all I’m saying, it’s just plain shitty.

Author: acaligirltalks

Hi there, I will graduate with a double masters this May 2023, LPC-IT and SAC-IT from UW-Milwaukee. I'm the mom of two amazing adults who make me a better person every day. My twin flame is SpongeBob Squarepants.

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